Launches An Exciting Fantasy Game “The Legend of Vraz”

Zatun, based out of India, takes pride in announcing the release of their game “The Legend of Vraz” that is based on an Indian legend. The game is for the Windows PC version and is developed using the Microsoft XNA framework. The game has won the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai.

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The Legend of Vraz is a game based on the story where Prince Vraz is in love with Princess Avi and he has to successfully perform five tasks to marry her. The tasks are set by the Princess Avi’s father. The highlight of the game is its visuals as well as the fascinating gameplay. In the game you can see beautiful hand-crafted 2D style art in traditional Indian miniature style painting. They are so captivating that as you play the game you feel that you are part of that cartoon world.

Abhinav Chokhavatia, the CEO and Founder of Zatun Games said, “This game is very close to my heart as it is based on my concept and is my company’s first title. My team has developed this game with a lot of fervor and passion and you will feel it when you play this thrilling game. It is quite enjoyable and engaging. I am glad that The Legend Of Vraz has received such a good response from people and awards from the fraternity. I am looking forward to developing many more different games for people who are crazy about games.”

This game is his brainchild, and he overlooked the complete game development process from game play, artwork, direction and finance to legalities and digital distribution. He is a graduate of Vancouver Film School.

In the game Vraz faces fourteen different enemies, each is a strong opposition and hard to win on. The game is played in 15 stages and 4 interesting locations. The player of the game has control of Vraz the Hero. Vraz can jump, rope walk, run and arrows of fire. During the course of the game the arrows can be upgraded in five ways. All the actions of the game can be controlled through the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously. However either the keyboard or the mouse can also be used depending upon the preference of the user.

To fight enemies, Vraz can jump on them and fire arrows to neutralize them. To increase the level of energy of the Hero, players can use mangoes along with milk cans and reach for the cow that also has recharge energy features.

The five tasks of the game include:

  • Winning 100,000 coins or gold of equivalent value.
  • Searching for the hugest and bright red rose.
  • Searching for a heart that is diamond studded.
  • Looking for a conventional sword.
  • Finding a traditional heart.

One strong opponent of the Vraz in the game is the Vizier of Kund, who wants to marry princess Avi for the love of her and the throne.

Who can play? The game is suitable for all age brackets as there are no bloodsheds, deaths or violence. Moreover, there is no use of any vulgar language. So it is recommended to the young and enthusiastic players too.

One can check out the free shareware demo, game screen shots, videos and all additional information of the game from the developer’s official website

The game is priced at $19.99/ £ 12.33 UK / €13.10 and can be purchased from the official website

“The Legend of Vraz” is a game easy to learn but difficult to master!  You will enjoy it and would want to play again and again to master it.

About Zatun:

Zatun Games owned by Abhinav Chokhavatia is a leading independent video game development company dedicated to develop engaging, action-packed, fun-to-play video games. Providing game development services and game art services to global clientele, Zatun has already proved itself to be a leader in the industry.  Zatun is also a licensed Iphone Developer and has developed Iphone Games, Ipad Games, PC Games, Casual Games and Facebook Games. Zatun offers specialized video game development and outsourcing services. The team at Zatun is qualified and experienced and consists of concept artists, designers, programmers, 2D/3D modelers and animators and more. They follow industry best practices to ensure quality.

For more information about Zatun, visit

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